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Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber on 1950s Radio: X Minus One (1956–57)

Here are three 1950s radio adaptations of Leiber’s stories from the NBC radio program X Minus One. “A Pail of Air,” first published in Galaxy in December 1951, was broadcast of March 28, 1956. “Appointment in Tomorrow,” from the July 1951 issue of Galaxy, premiered on air on November 7, 1956. “The Moon Is Green,” from the April 1952 Galaxy, followed on NBC on January 2, 1957.

A Pail of Air:

Appointment in Tomorrow:

The Moon Is Green:

Fritz Leiber—Five Change War stories

The Change War between Spiders and Snakes at the center of Fritz Leiber's The Big Time occupied his imagination so intensely that it spilled over into almost a dozen other works of fiction.

Here are five of these Change War stories: